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Centre for Hygiene Research and Development is an NGO founded by Jinoj Kandamkovil in the year 2015. Jinoj has been imparting menstrual awareness from the year 2010. While a lot of NGOs create awareness about menstruation, CHRD focuses on menstrual hygiene and safe practices. Thus most of the awareness campaign is in the urban areas where women use sanitary napkins. Yet CHRD is not only restricted to hygiene of sanitary napkins they also provide awareness about cloth as well as menstrual cups. Dignity in menstrual Health and Hygiene is the focus of CHRD.

Menstruation is a natural process that every women and adolescent girls experience in their life. People once considered menstruation as shameful, impure and dealt with it secretively. The myths and taboos still exist in many parts of the country and the social stigma on menstruation still prevails among majority of people. The same stigma makes them less aware of the menstrual cycle, bodily changes and hygienic practices that should be followed during those times. It is even horrific to know that quite a good number of adolescent girls even drop school every year when they menstruate. Menstrual hygiene is a very important thing and the major challenges faced are:

  • Lack of awareness
  • Lack of access to facilities
  • Environmental abuse
  • Non availability of good quality products

Centre for Hygiene Research & Development is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that focuses on ensuring personal as well as menstrual hygiene of women. We aim at creating awareness among women in different sectors of the society.

The drive to eliminate taboos connected with menstruation has gathered momentum over the years. Menstrual hygiene is not a luxury for women but a necessity. The motto of CHRD is to enable women and girls to enjoy certain human rights and for men to say the word period without a snigger and be a part of the womanhood helping them.

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