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CHRD is a social enterprise that works for the society. We work especially to empower the marginalised women through awareness programmes and enabling them with access to healthy menstrual practices. We try our best in ensuring accessibility and distribution of eco-friendly menstrual hygiene products, giving importance to sustainability and women’s health.

As part of this, we conduct various awareness programs at schools, colleges, corporate offices, ladies clubs, Kudumbasree units and other communities. Free sanitary napkins, vending machines and incinerators are distributed to the underprivileged through charity organisations. We conduct campaigns against unhealthy and fake sanitary napkins and other hygiene products for women that are being sold in the market. However, the scope of our services is not limited to these alone as we strive to enhance our areas with more and more activities every day.

Rebuild Kerala

During the recent distress and devastation that the whole Kerala faced due to the unexpected floods, CHRD in association with WAGER Groups distributed free and low cost sanitary napkins to the flood relief camps across the state. The next four months will be their time of rehabilitation and rebuilding their homes. Sanitary napkin and menstrual hygiene is the last thing you should be worried about during this time. Here we offer your four months’ worth of napkins at the price of 1 month. Many generous hearted people are coming forward to sponsor for this campaign to help the needy women.

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